Babak Tafti

One Class Sparked a Career

Alumni Video

“There’s nothing like it.”

That’s how one alum described his experience here at The University of New Mexico and frankly, we totally agree with him.

Meet Babak Tafti, he graduated from UNM with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and ventured off to Yale where he earned his Master of Fine Arts. Babak, like many Lobos, had some doubts of whether his college education would actually get him to where he wanted to go.

“I doubted it for about four years but that’s natural from what I’ve been told.”

Babak’s journey as a Lobo started very early when his parents moved from Iran to New Mexico. His father was the first Lobo in their family and earned his PhD. The plan for Babak was to earn his core credits from UNM and then move on however, after taking an introductory theatre course his freshman year, he was hooked.

“My type of acting is truthful-honest. Funny when it wants to be funny and when it wants to be sad, maybe try to make it funny so it’s even more sad.”

As a man of color, Babak reiterates how aware he is of what stories and narratives he perpetuates in his career. One of his goals is to take on roles that show how powerful stories can be and his mission is to never take on a role that diminishes any ethnic group.

Babak is the perfect example of how one class can start your entire career. College is the perfect time to explore subjects and disciplines that you might not have time or the ability to do after you’ve graduated. By taking that one course that may seem out of the ordinary for your chosen study, that could be the course that unlocks your potential to do something greater than you ever thought.

“UNM started my acting career.”

Babak makes us UNM Proud and we cannot wait to see what else he does in the future!