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At some point, we all as humans want to do something to make the world we live in a better place. For some, it could be volunteering on the weekends and for others, it can be as simple as putting out their recycling. However, there are the few who have chosen to dedicate their time and efforts to make this world the best they can be, and Tayte Trujillo is one of those people.

“I was that weird person that would go out on the weekends to pick up trash because I thought it was just important.”

When Tayte first decided to come to The University of New Mexico, she intended on studying Fine Arts just like her mother did at San Diego State University. However, the California transplant always had a strong connection to the environment and decided to concentrate her efforts on saving the environment by studying it.

“Specifically, what influenced me in this field was all the fires that occur in California, my research is actually on fire occurrence. I’ve had family members lose their home and seeing that devastation and loss really influenced me to kind of go towards a field where I could make a difference.”

What makes Tayte different from others here at this campus is that she believes everyone’s voice and opinion should be heard and she made her voice heard right at the beginning of her time here as a freshman.

“My freshman year, I saw that we were using a lot of Styrofoam in different places on campus. I talked to one of my friends who’s in Senate and just asked what we could do to pursue a greener outtake on campus. She helped me write up a report on banning Styrofoam and since then we have really seen a cut in that. It’s difficult because Styrofoam happens to be a really cheap, easily efficient product to use.”

Tayte’s dedication to making UNM’s campus greener has translated into her position as a Senior Residence Advisor where she has implemented programs to help educate her residence on the importance of living a greener life.

Throughout her four years here as a Lobo, Tayte has involved herself in countless clubs and student groups and has truly immersed herself in the lobo life. She has left a lasting impact on this campus, especially with the on-campus living community.

“My time at UNM has changed me because I think it made me stronger. I’m trying to pursue a future for women as well as be a strong powerful woman in STEM because a lot of times I feel like we’re pushed away from that. A lot of my professors have helped me understand that I am just as good, I am just as smart and just as capable.”

Tayte will be graduating with a degree in Environmental Studies in May 2019 and has plans to move back to California to continue educating her community on how to save our planet.